Nintendo Direct Broadcast – Wii U

Posted: June 3, 2012 by Ian Gaudreau in Gamenomics - Video Games, Nintendo
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New information about Wii U!

Watch the broadcast online here!


Welp, I have to say, I am impressed.  Nintendo, well done.

I was pretty skeptical when I heard about the Wii U at the last E3 and subsequent articles and news about the new controller console.  For those that did not see and are curious about the name, Iwata announced that the Wii U controller is officially called the Wii U GamePad.

After watching the Nintendo Direct Broadcast, it seems like Nintendo has definitely upped the bar when it comes to creativity with its video game imagination.  Similar to how the motion-sensor control with the Wii, I think the dual-screen capabilities of the Wii U have great potential.  The video showed a golf swing, with the T.V. showing the golf range and the Wii U screen showing the golf ball.  I was also impressed with the video chatting, Miiverse, and instant messaging that can be done with other gamers.  This literally adds an entirely new dimension to gaming that is not found on any other console.

What I want to see?

1. Price – Although I probably will not get my wish, I really hope that this console is not too expensive.  Part of the reason that the Wii was such a success was its affordability.  There is no competition between a $100 Wii and a $400 PS3 when it comes to price.  Hopefully Nintendo realizes this and continues to keep its consoles in a range that will keep customers happy.

2. Execution – When the original Wii came out, it was an entirely new chapter in the Gaming history books.  Sword fighting as Zelda, playing tennis, driving with a ‘wheel’ in Mario Kart all became possible.  However, once the first wave of great games came out, the Wii kind of hit a standstill and did not progress very further.  It seemed that the general consensus among ‘hardcore’ gamers was that the Wii’s marketing team was too focused on making the console family-friendly so anyone from a child to a grandparent would be able to easily use the console and have a great time.  I hope that the Wii U takes this a step further and adds a whole lineup of games that the Wii never really brought to the table.

For more on the specifics of the Wii U, check this out.


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