Review of the Television Premiere, ‘Arrow’

Posted: October 12, 2012 by Ian Gaudreau in DC Comics, Movies & Television
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I’m sure many of you saw the recent pilot episode of Arrow.  Here is a breakdown of what I thought.

For a television drama based off of a superhero, the premiere of Arrow was pretty much what I had expected.  I definitely enjoyed it, but I also had a few problems with it.  Olliver Queen, Green Arrow’s alias, is played by Stephen Amell, who did a pretty good job playing the role.  He has the arrogant, millionaire persona down pretty well, coupled with the general stature and physicality that comes with a superhero.  The remaining cast was also pretty solid in my opinion.  Being the first episode, they mostly just introduced a lot of characters with little tidbits of their personalities.  There was a a lot of action, a solid storyline, and a lot of sharp precision arrow-shooting.

However, there were a couple things that somewhat bugged me about the show.  First, there was a Deathstroke mask shown within the first five minutes of the show, but with literally no backstory.  Green Arrow spends five years on an island where he developed his superhero skills and apparently encountered Deathstroke and maybe some others.  I wish they delved a bit more into what actually happened on the island.  Although they probably will explain more in future episodes, I was dying to hear more about what actually happened and how he acquired his powers.  There was also a fair amount of cheesiness to the show spanning from ‘stormtrooper gun shooting’ to unrealistic fighting techniques.  However, I guess it is something to expect from a television show opposed to a movie.

Overall, I am happy about DC’s Green Arrow being the hero in this story.  The only non-animated superhero television shows I can recall are Smallville (raving success) and Heroes, which had an impressive start but quickly flopped.  The storyline of Arrow has me convinced enough to watch future episodes.  I had pretty high hopes for it and although it may have been a little cheesy, it was still entertaining.  From what I have seen online, it also appears that a lot of people tuned into the show, which apparently was in the ballpark of 4 million viewers.  Just within the first episode, there were a couple clever twists and some suspense, which I liked to see.  Overall, Arrow gains my approval so far.

Arrow is currently on the CW Network at 8:00pm EST every Wednesday.

  1. I liked this pilot. I too am curious to know more about the appearance of Deathstroke’s mask.

  2. Nick says:

    I absolutely loved the premiere of Arrow! It played as close to the comics as much as it seems it could, and I’m very happy with it. My coworkers at DISH even watched it and they aren’t even big comic book fans like I am. I’m recording every episode of this first season with my Hopper so that I can re-watch it after it airs, because I’m sure I’ve missed some references so far. I can’t wait to see Deathstroke make an appearance, and from the look of his mask in, it looks like Ollie will be shooting him through the eye, just like in the comics!

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