Ridiculous Fishing is the iOS game you never knew you wanted

Posted: March 19, 2013 by Joel Kost in Gamenomics - Video Games, Steam, PC, & Indie Games
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Billy uses ridiculous (get it?) methods to catch and shoot fish.

I’d like to introduce you to Billy. I don’t really know how old he is or where he’s from, but I do know that he likes fishing. However he doesn’t fish like everybody else. He doesn’t use fancy lures and live bait to reel in those pesky water-breathers. Instead Billy uses top-of-the-line fishing equipment complete with chainsaws, hairdyers, and toasters. Once he casts his line he tries to guide his lure to deepest depths of the ocean and catch as many fish as possible on the way up. He then throws them in the air and shoots them for money. Billy also enjoys posting on the social media tool Byrdr and updating his Fish-o-pedia log.

Yes, this is an actual game on iOS. It makes no sense, and there really isn’t much of a story to be told (however there is an ending of sorts once you’ve caught a particular “fish”). I doubt anyone has even wished for a fishing video game quite like this. But Ridiculous Fishing’s absurdity makes it the most entertaining game I’ve played on the app store and one that probably won’t lose its momentum for quite some time.

Upgrades like saws and toasters can be used to aid the player in catching more fish and other sea creatures.

Like I said before the goal is to catch as many fish as you can. I’m not talking about two or three fish after a few casts; it’s possible to catch dozens of them on a single line. The farther you navigate the lure into the ocean the more fish you will encounter. Once the lure catches one, Billy reels in the line and the hunt begins. More fish equals more money to spend on upgrades.

The game starts out with a simple lure and a pistol, but once you begin to rake in the big bucks you can purchase chainsaw lures that shoot knives, an automatic shotgun, and even an orbital ray (cause at this point, why not?). There are dozens of upgrades, and each one adds the to level of absurdity this game delivers.

Ridiculous Fishing may seem fairly repetitive, but the crazy concept and plentiful upgrades will have you coming back for more. It’s the most unique game I’ve played on iOS in a long while, and you won’t regret throwing down $3 for it.

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