Pokemon Wifi Event: Level 100 Deoxys

Posted: May 23, 2013 by Ian Gaudreau in Gamenomics - Video Games, Nintendo
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The four forms of Deoxys

The four forms of Deoxys

What better way to start off your summer than with a Pokémon event?  Unlike recent Events, this distribution is solely for Pokémon Black 2 and White 2.  What is the Pokémon being given away?  Only the incredibly powerful psychic-type, Deoxys.  Keep reading to learn about Deoxys’ stats and how to get this Pokémon.

Deoxys joins your game at Level 100, so if you are just starting out your journey, you are going to want to bank this Pokémon into your PC for later use.  Deoxys cannot be caught in-game, so this event is a great opportunity to get this Pokémon.  Deoxys has 4 different forms: Normal, Attack, Defense, and Speed.  The forms can change by performing certain actions in specific cities within the game.

Deoxys’ moveset:

  1. Nasty Plot (dark)
  2. Dark Pulse (dark)
  3. Recover (normal)
  4. Psychic Boost (psychic)

Deoxys is a Lovely nature, is holding a Life Orb, has the Pressure ability, and has a Gift Ribbon01 upon arrival to your game.  This event started on May 8th, but ends on May 31st.  Be sure to take a minute to download Deoxys to your game and take advantage of the opportunity!

You can download Deoxys from the comfort of your own home wifi connection and by following the directions here.

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