The Lego Movie Review…Everything Was Awesome

Posted: February 10, 2014 by Ian Gaudreau in Movies & Television
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The Lego Movie Official Poster

The Lego Movie Official Poster

With original and beautiful animation, incredibly witty and pun-fulled humor, and an all-star lineup of voice actors, The Lego Movie was a total home run for Game&Comic:

Spoilers ahead:

What impressed us the most in The Lego Movie was the animation.  The sheer attention to detail is really something to be admired.  Actual lego pieces (or rather, the CGI replicates of) were used whenever possible, whether it be laser beams or an ocean, there was a lot of creativity and effort to make this movie as lego-filled as possible.  I found myself chuckling every time water spilt and large, blue pieces would quickly change to small, blue dot pieces.  I have never seen animation quite like this before, so a big kudos to the animation team for making a truly beautiful film.  I was also impressed by the wide variety of Lego sets that were used or reference throughout the film.  Characters from all of the famous Lego sets were present and each character type was used in a creative way.

Not only was the animation wonderful, but the story was incredibly clever.  Animated movies often draw a large fandom because if the well-known title, but fall short when it comes to story.  However, this was not the case here.  With themes of childhood creativity, imagination, and the joy that building with Legos can bring, every audience member, young and old, will thoroughly enjoy this movie.  The Lego Movie is perfectly casted, with well-known actors such as Will Ferrell, Elizabeth Banks, Morgan Freeman, Will Arnett, and many more adding different comedic styles and charm to the film.

The only negative to this movie is a problem that is not even related the the movie, itself.  Inherent in many movies today, we were disappointed by how many many of the puns were revealed in the trailers.  I found myself hysterically laughing at the trailer premieres, and although the movie has plenty of puns not featured in the trailers, I wish the trailers were a bit less spoiler-filled.  Theatre owners have actually been complaining fairly recently that they want shorter trailers that include fewer spoilers.

Overall, Game&Comic loved The Lego Movie.  We highly recommend it for its charm, humor, and fun.  We give this movie a 9/10 and we are sure that viewers of any age will love it.

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