Spotlight on the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund

Posted: February 25, 2014 by Ian Gaudreau in Comicology - Comic Books
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Comic Book Legal Defense Fund

Comic Book Legal Defense Fund

We here at Game&Comic wanted to do a quick spotlight on an important American non-profit organization.  We would like to introduce you to the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund, which is an organization that helps comic book creators, publishers, and retailers cover legal expenses in cases involving the First Amendment right to free speech.

Created in 1986, the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund (CBLDF) collects has fundraising and performs community outreach through education in order to help fund the legal expenses in comic book related free speech cases.  Charles Brownstein is the Executive Director of the organization, but other members on the Board of Directors include Chris Staros, Peter David, and Neil Gaiman.

The CBLDF offers plenty of educational resources in order to teach people about the legal issues that comic book and manga cases have to face.  Without organizations such as this, not only can creators, publishers, and retailers suffer financially from high legal fees, but their stories, which should be protected under the rights of the First Amendment, may result in their comic books becoming banned.  Some of the most common reasons for comic books being banned involve profanity/offensive language, sex and nudity, violence, drugs, alcohol, political/social/racial language, and offending religious beliefs.

If you are interested in helping the CBLDF, they offer memberships at affordable rates, as well as take donations.  Not only that, but their website also offers plenty of reasonably priced signed graphic novels, comic books, and prints from a variety of people in the comic book industry.  These creators have donated signed copies in order for the profit to go towards the CBLDF.  You can take a look at the signed selection here.

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