Beer Company Pays Tribute to The Walking Dead

Posted: March 26, 2014 by Amy Arsenault in General, Movies & Television
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Dock Street Brewing Co. has created the Dock Street Walker American Pale Stout. Their newest brew pays homage to the seasonal finale of AMC’s The Walking Dead. Head Brewer Justin Low and Brewery Representative Sasha Certo-Ware created the idea, as they are both avid fans of the show. The company has earned local, national and international praise for many of its beers. Their newest beer is turning some heads because it is made with, wait for it…real brains.

Despite the marketing behind the beer, it is safe to say that no human brains were used in production, but smoked goat brains and organic cranberries were! The cranberries are added to give the beer a deep red color. Other ingredients include fuggle hops, wheat, oats and barley. Many are distressed by the thought of consuming brain, but in other parts of the world the organ is considered a delicacy.

The company wanted to combine their love of zombie drama with brewing and the result is definitely unique. The Dock Street Walker is 7.2% alcohol content and is described as smooth, earthly and slightly tart with notes of smoke. The beer will debut on tap on March 30th at Dock Street Brewing Co. in West Philadelphia, PA.





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