Ryan Reynolds Perfects Deadpool In Leaked Footage

Posted: July 28, 2014 by Mike Sauvageau in Comicology - Comic Books, Marvel, Movies & Television
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Marvel's Current Deadpool (#1) Comic Series

Marvel’s Current Deadpool (#1) Comic Series

Marvel’s most infamous anti-hero is one step closer to starring in his own feature film!

This past weekend, fans of the crazy mercenary Deadpool were treated to a pleasant surprise, as test footage from the long anticipated Deadpool movie was leaked onto the internet. Originally announced back in the spring of 2011, the film was slated to have actor Ryan Reynolds portray the “Merc with a Mouth” character, along with visual effects artist Tim Miller attached to direct. However, once trouble in the pre-production stage arose, 20th Century Fox put the film on an indefinite hiatus and little has been reported on the project since… Until now.

The marvel-ous (excuse the pun) 2-minute clip features an entirely CG-animated Deadpool, appropriately voiced by an equally animated Reynolds, exhibiting everything comic book lovers would want to see in a Deadpool feature film. The character is eccentric, making humorous wise-cracks to a group of criminals while simultaneously bringing them to justice. The action is violent, as Deadpool uses an excessive amount of force that accurately parallels his extreme comic book fighting style. Hell, he even manages to break the fourth-wall and talk directly to his audience, which has become a classic trope in Deadpool publications. The footage is simply amazing, and has the power to excite even the most inept comic book audience, however, it unfortunately begs the lingering question; how long will fans have to wait to see more of this potentially perfect movie?

No comment from either Marvel or 20th Century Fox has been made on the release of this test footage, but one can only hope that the positive reaction this clip has since garnered will be enough cause for those involved with the project to advance the film’s production.

For those wishing to view the clip, the footage has been consistently uploaded and quickly taken down from popular video-sharing websites, so posting it on here would most likely be a fail. However, a quick search on Google would surely provide you with a source to one of the most recent uploads.

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