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Over Easy

Posted: October 29, 2014 by Kristilyn Waite in Art, Comicology - Comic Books
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Washing dishes in a restaurant is among the least glamorous of occupations. But not once does Mimi Pond complain or delve into the requisite diatribe on scraping and scrubbing in a perpetual cloud of greasy mist. Time can add a rose colored tint to things, sure, but Pond knew then that she was part of a story worth telling. Thirty years later, here it is, Over Easy.


“How does one man stand a chance against four billion assholes?” This is the central question of Daniel Clowes’ The Death Ray. And if this question hits home, you’re going to like Andy, the absurdest of superheroes. (more…)

What would happen if we had to start over? To rebuild and live simply, off the land, as they say? Well, according to Fabien Vehlmann and the artist collaboration known as Kerascoet, nothing good. Their new book, Beautiful Darkness, put out by Drawn and Quarterly, is a fairy tale gone demented, in which adorable and sinister prove to be inseparable.