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Unless you’re the Zack Morris type, high school can be less than awesome. And Two-Shoes, the protagonist of Kenan Rubenstein’s Last Train to Old Town, is no Zack Morris. Whether he’s being shoved into a locker, chided for reading for fun, or told to sit somewhere else at lunch, Two-Shoes remains pretty much un-phased. This resilient little nerd marches to his own beat and Stone, a modern James Dean type who heads a band of misfits, has taken notice.




Oh high school… its trials and tribulations have provided fodder for some very cool writers and filmmakers. And now, Vera Brosgol, who has already made a name for herself in film and animation as storyboard artist for Coraline and story artist for Paranorman, has joined their ranks with her first full length graphic novel, Anya’s Ghost.Put out by First Second, it reads like a PG-13 Heathers with dash of cute.