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Gray Horse Hope Larson Oni Press

Light years away from comics that go “thwack” and “pow” is Hope Larson’s Gray Horses, a poetic little book put out by Oni Press. This coming of age tale, an exploration of both the outer and inner aspects of one girl’s journey abroad, is gently executed yet powerfully evocative. Like a diary, due, partially, to its reader’s omniscience, but more so for its soft, dreamy panelscape, Gray Horses is reminiscent – in no way derivative – of Larson’s husband, Bryan Lee O’Malley’s Lost at Sea. There’s more than a bit of magic in these pages.


Photo Credit Oni Press


Harvey Award winning writer Joshua Hale Fialkov is well known for penning hair-raising horror titles including Echoes, I, Vampire, and Elk’s Run. The opening sequence of his upcoming Oni Press series, The Life After, may be his scariest scenario yet. In its plausibility…