Teen Titans is Back!

Posted: June 12, 2012 by Jon Erik Christianson in Comicology - Comic Books, DC Comics
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“When there’s trouble you know who to call…Teen Titans!” That was until 2006, when the popular kids television show was canceled.

But wait! The Titans returned in chibi form several months ago! They only existed as a small part of the DC Nation shorts, but fans were encouraged by this sudden revival that included all of the original voice actors. Maybe they’d revive the entire series?!

Well, turns out that is actually going to happen.

In 2013, new TV show Teen Titans Go! will debut as a part of the DC Nation block with all of the original voice actors.

More thoughts after the break!

When the original Teen Titans was taken off of the air, there were many fans who were confused and didn’t want to the show to end. It had been a childhood staple for many and a gateway for non-comic book people into the world of superheroes.

Apparently the voices actors didn’t want it to end, since all of them have been more than compliant (especially Tara Strong, the voice actress who voices everyone) in returning to all incarnations of the show.

Very little information has been released about the series other than what’s already be recapped at other news sites.

That being said, we can assume the following:

  • The series will take a more comedic spin than before (not that it was ever that serious), as described by the press release. Young Justice fills the angst niche.
  • Past continuity will be in tact. That has been true of the New Teen Titans shorts, as shown by Starfire babysitting the children of Blackfire and…the green squishy dude.
  • Silkie. And Beast Boy’s hair?
  • That is all.

It’s encouraging to see that, with enough support, beloved characters can make a triumphant return to the small screen.

Next project? Trying to convince DC Comics to make a connection between their comic book and television properties.

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