‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ comes to an end at Issue #700

Posted: September 20, 2012 by Ian Gaudreau in Comicology - Comic Books, Marvel
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The Amazing Spider-Man #700 Cover from Marvel

I know that I said I wanted to see some type of Spider-Man series in Marvel NOW!, but I definitely did not want to see this series come to a close.

I kind of consider The Amazing Spider-Man to be the backbone of comics today. ¬†This series started in March of 1963 and has been running strong ever since. ¬†It even bares the title “World’s Greatest Super-Hero” at the top of each issue! ¬†Spider-Man is a comic icon and I am sad to see it go. ¬†A number of sites have posted the monthly solicitations and it clearly says ‘LAST ISSUE!’ below The Amazing Spider-Man #700.

Fortunately, I have seen a number of forums the believe the cancellation is just part of the Marvel NOW! hype. ¬†Many speculate that the series will be ‘cancelled’ but then immediately rebooted as part of the Marvel NOW! #1 issues. ¬†The series will then go on for a good amount of issues (let’s assume 50), but then will jump back into The Amazing Spider-Man #750. ¬†I am interested to see what happens with this. ¬†The series just its 50th anniversary with #692 and included a whole bunch of variant covers spanning across multiple series to support our webbed crusader. ¬†Personally, I LOVE the Gwen Stacy cover. ¬†So awesome. ¬†It just seems weird to me that they would cut such an iconic series off so suddenly, so I am hopeful it will return.

Keep your eyes peeled for #700 and for word if Spidey will be making the reboot, I know I sure will.

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