Borderlands 2: Captain Scarlett and Her Pirate’s Booty DLC

Posted: October 25, 2012 by Connor MacDonald in Gamenomics - Video Games
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You’ve finished Borderlands 2, played with the Mechromancer, and claimed Pandora as your personal stomping ground. All the quests are done, and you can finally kick back and relax. That is, unless you haven’t heard the story of Captain Blade’s buried treasure, and experienced Gearbox’s newest DLC for Borderlands 2; Captain Scarlett and Her Pirate’s Booty. If not, allow me to regale you with this swashbuckling tale.

The DLC is accesed like any normal area in the game, through the Fast Travel system, and can be accessed at any point after downloading. After a quick story telling you that there is an ancient treasure buried somewhere in the pirate infested desert, you set out on a mission to claim it as your own. You arrive in the dried up town of Oasis, right in the middle of a pirate attack. After slaying some rapscallions you meet Shade, the slightly insane, overly attached, only living man in Oasis. He sets you on your path to meet Captain Scarlett, who promises to help you find the treasure, but also tells you that the two of you are probably going to end up fighting each other later on.

So off you set on a daring adventure, killing pirates, looting chests, looking for booty (hold your laughter), and most importantly, searching for the lost treasure of Captain Blade. I found the DLC to be very fun, and a great excuse to kill more time in Borderlands 2. There are memorable characters, interesting bosses to slay, and some new areas that all have a different feel from the last. Not to mention the Star Wars-Esq sand skiff to drive around the desert in.

I won’t go any further into the story for fear of spoiling some of the better moments, but the Pirate’s Booty DLC sets the bar for the rest of the downloadable content for Borderlands 2. It brings in more guns, a new vehicle, a bunch more quests for you to enjoy,  more fun bosses to fight, funny situations that might make you think twice about the writers of the game, and a few more hours of entertainment.

If you’re really jonesing for more details, I would recommend picking up the DLC for yourself. There isn’t too much more I can get into without spoiling what I think is a great first DLC for an already fantastic game. It’s only 800 Microsoft points, ten dollars, but I’d still recommend snagging that Season Pass if you haven’t already. Thirty dollars gets you all the DLC! Regardless of your purchasing choice, I can’t suggest this highly enough, and I can’t wait to see what Gearbox throws at us next.

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