Franchises ripe for Lego games

Posted: January 22, 2013 by Joel Kost in Gamenomics - Video Games
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Game Informer recently announced its latest cover story which reveals TT Games’ new title, Lego Marvel Super Heroes. This came to a surprise for many gamers, since TT Games already developed two DC Universe Lego titles. As a Marvel fan myself, I was ecstatic to hear the news. I haven’t played a Lego game in years, so maybe this title would push me to play the other ones, like Lego The Lord of the Rings. As I began to think of all the games I’ve missed, I wondered what other franchises could be made into Lego games. I came up with some ideas (most ridiculous) that I believe would make perfect transitions into the Lego world. Check them out, and let us know what you would like to see Lego-fied.

The Walking Dead

The chances of The Walking Dead turning into a Lego game are slim to none, but it’s hard not to admit that the franchise would mold perfectly to the formula. Lego games are all about collecting different characters with an assortment of abilities to complete levels. The Walking Dead has dozens of memorable characters who all have a particular set of skills. How awesome would it be to see Rick running around shooting little Lego zombies, or Michonne using a character ability to capture and restrain biters, like she does in the show and comic? The list could go on and on. Unfortunately, The Walking Dead is one of the most graphic series out there, so I don’t think parents would like to see their kids cutting down zombies left and right.

The show is already displaying co-op at work at its finest. Now lets make the move to Lego!


Sure, Lego Godzilla toys don’t exist, but who’s to say that should stop TT Games from making a game? This could be a chance to step away from the small, human mini-figures and recreate everyone’s favorite radiation-filled lizard in brick form. I don’t know the exact number of Godzilla monsters, but there are definitely enough to make a Lego game. Maybe this could be a smaller, downloadable title?

Lego Godzilla vs Lego Orga? It could happen…


A Lego Transformers game could never happen because Kre-O (toys very similar to Legos) already makes brick versions of the robots in disguise, but it doesn’t stop me from dreaming of one day fighting mini Megatron with mini Optimus Prime. Transformers has the largest number of characters of any franchise I know. There are medics, leaders, fighters, flyers, scientists, and anything you can possibly think. It’s hard to imagine the number of puzzles that could be created when you consider the diversity in the Transformers’ cast. It’s just too bad that a game like this could never happen.

Kre-O toys are very similar to Lego, so it’s hard not to picture a Lego Transformers video game.


Believe it or not, brick versions of Pokemon actually exist. Mega Bloks, a less popular version of Lego, made a variety of different Pokemon sets, including transforming Groudon and Kyogre toys. With well over 600 Pokemon, one can only dream of the amount of content and game like this could have. It could also be a cool way for TT Games to spice up the combat a little bit.

See? It’s possible!

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