World Premiere Trailer of Guardians of the Galaxy

Posted: February 19, 2014 by Ian Gaudreau in Comicology - Comic Books, Marvel, Movies & Television
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Last night, Jimmy Kimmel Live had the honor of premiering the world premiere full-length trailer of the upcoming film, Guardians of the Galaxy:

This is a really bold move for the Marvel Entertainment movie industry.  In the past, Marvel movies have been well-loved for their action, serious plot, and brilliant special effects.  However, at this point, most of the well-known characters already have films of their own.   Marvel movies are now moving towards lesser-known characters, so judging from the angle of the trailer, it appears Marvel is pairing action with comedy in Guardians of the Galaxy.  This approach is making me really excited for the upcoming film, set to release 1 August 2014.  Having a comedic action film hopefully will make Guardians of the Galaxy a light-hearteded, enjoyable film that can be watched by fans with any level of comic book knowledge.

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