Heroes Reborn Trailer Debut

Posted: March 2, 2014 by Brie Young in Movies & Television
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NBC’s Heroes is returning to the TV screen with thirteen new episodes with “a stand-alone story arc,”— a move which is receiving mixed emotions from fans. Will it be as epic as the first season or will it leave audiences feeling less than heroic like later seasons? Creator Tim King will return as executive producer and there will be a preceding web series to introduce new characters and story lines, along with some familiar old faces.

There isn’t much being said about the renewal, except the mixed response from fans. As seen through the #HeroesReborn feed on Twitter, some are all about that Heroes life, some fans are apprehensive and others question, are we all just trying to forget the let down of later seasons? Valid point. Starting in 2006, Heroes was a hit and said to be one of the strongest debuts in recent TV history. But after season one, there was a debatable drop in show quality and ratings plunged. Perhaps this new reboot will bring Heroes back to its former glory.

Do yourself a favor and check out #NBCReboots on Twitter to see some humorous ideas of what other shows NBC should bring back. Personally I would be into someone’s suggestion of “Little Condo on the Prairie” sounds like a classic in the making. As for Heroes Reborn, hopefully our hope for the series will also be renewed. The miniseries is said to air sometime in 2015.

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