Oh Boy, New Comics! For April 16, 2014.

Posted: April 14, 2014 by Curtis Hines in Comicology - Comic Books, DC Comics, Marvel
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Every Monday on G&C I’ll be previewing the new comics I’m most looking forward to in the coming week. These are the comics that I expect will be fun, exciting, and worth your monies. If you think I’ve missed anything, leave a note in the comment section and let me know what you’re eagerly anticipating. Here’s my top three, and then a short list of other books to be aware of.

New Comics for April 16, 2014:

"Ms. Marvel" #3 from Marvel. Cover art by Jamie Mckelvie.

“Ms. Marvel” #3 from Marvel. Cover art by Jamie Mckelvie.

“Ms. Marvel” #3: Written by G. Willow Wilson. Art by Adrian Alphona. Published by Marvel. Price: $3.99.

I think this is one of my favorite books being published by Marvel right now. Kamala Khan is funny and endearing, easily one of the most interesting super heroes of recent memory. Some people were afraid that her Muslim upbringing might be a distraction to the story; those people often also think “duty” isn’t a funny word and “global warming” is a myth. In truth, some of my favorite moments in this book have been tied to her faith and her struggles with identity. This is a story that anyone can relate too. Side note: $2.99? Thank the gods, someone at Marvel is willing to give us a reasonably priced book.

"Batman" #30 from DC Comics. Cover art by Greg Capullo.

“Batman” #30 from DC Comics. Cover art by Greg Capullo.

“Batman” #30: Written by Scott Snyder. Art by Greg Capullo and Danny Miki. Published by DC. Price: $3.99.

Here’s a list of things I’m sure you’ve heard before: Snyder and Capullo are one of the greatest teams to work on “Batman” ever; their “Zero Year” storyline is awesome, awesome, but also awesome; sometimes at night I pull the sheets over my head and pretend I’m in the Batcave. Maybe you didn’t know all of those things, but they’re all true. If you like superhero books (and come on, who doesn’t?) then you should be reading this one. Ten years from now we’ll be looking back on Snyder and Capullo’s run and saying “remember when?” Don’t be left out.

"Ultimate FF" #1 from Marvel. Cover art by  Mike McKone.

“Ultimate FF” #1 from Marvel. Cover art by Mike McKone.

“Ultimate FF” #1: Written by Joshua Hale Fialkov. Art by Mario Guevara. Published by Marvel. Price: $3.99.

I’ll be honest, I had a hard time filling out this third spot. There just were not a lot of things that caught my eye. And then I saw this: “Ultimate FF” #1. I love the Ultimate universe; I love the Fantastic Four. That was enough to get me interested. We’ve got Sue Storm, Iron Man, The Falcon and some metal robot dude I don’t know on the cover. Again, interesting. Finally, Joshua Hale Fialkov is writing this thing, someone who I haven’t read a lot of but I trust to do a good job. Every list needs a wildcard, and that’s just what this book is.

Cool Books That You Really Should Know About: “Hulk” #1, “Nova” #16, “Superior Spider-Man” #31, “Harley Quinn” #5, “Wonder Woman” #30, “Morning Glories” #38, “Adventure Time” 27, and “X-O Manowar” #24.

Not the most exciting week ever, but still some gems. Remember, I can’t 100 percent guarantee you’ll love these books, but I think the’re going to be pretty good. Check back in on Wednesday and Thursday to see some reviews of this week’s comics, and let us know in the comments section if there are any comics that you’d like to see reviewed. Enjoy new comics day!

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