Free Comic Book Day!

Posted: May 1, 2014 by Ian Gaudreau in Comicology - Comic Books
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The first Saturday in May marks a very special annual worldwide holiday, Free Comic Book Day! Beginning in 2002 and coordinated by Diamond Comic Distributors, Free Comic Book Day is a single day where participating comic shops across North America, and the world, distribute free comic books to fans that are willing to read:

Free Comic Book Day is organized so that comic shops have specific free comic books. These free comics are often mini-issues of popular series, small segments previewing upcoming series, or other awesome stories! A full list of the free comic books available can be viewed here, but the holiday doesn’t stop there. Many shops have celebrity guests signings, sales, promotions, or other fun activities to get the whole community involved, so be sure to ask your local comic shop what they have planned.

If you a reader looking to try their hand at comic books, Free Comic Book Day is a perfect opportunity to test the waters. If anything, Free Comic Book Day is a designated day where comic fans can rejoice in the success of the comic book industry, which is much more stable compared to a few decades ago. Grab your friends, visit your favorite comic shop, and enjoy the holiday created for geeking out and having fun.





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