‘Avengers and X-men: AXIS’ Details Revealed

Posted: June 17, 2014 by Brie Young in Comicology - Comic Books, General, Marvel
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Marvel released details of the fall event series where two best sellers, Avengers and X-men, will join up again (after Uncanny Avengers) against a common super villain.

The upgraded villain of the series is Red Skull, as known from Captain America, and his telepathic powers gained from parts of Professor Xavier’s brain… Ah, the perfect mixture of the two groups.

Red Skull is the “ultimate villain,” AXIS writers ensure, since he is “all about grinding other people under his boot.” Other antagonists from Sabertooth to Absorbing Man were considered, but Red Skull was deemed the baddest of the bad. Rick Remender, writer for AXIS, claims Red Skull is a threat menacing enough to force the Avengers and X-men to work together. An unlikely team against a red homicidal Nazi-esque maniac pulled together as an Axis Alliance (So many WWII references!)

Furthermore, Remender hinted that the AXIS series will have extensive character development for Iron Man and Stark’s previous weapon manufacturing.

This rag tag group of mutants and super heroes in the nine part series is compared to a “Michael Bay movie” which can be taken two ways– essentially the effects are big and it’s a full out spectacular, or that sometimes audiences can feel like an over stimulated child.

Everyone loves a cross-over but there are worries that AXIS will have an overhaul of characters without enough development or attention.  Needless to say,  Marvel is pushing hard away from 2012’s bestseller Avengers vs. X-men with this camaraderie based comic. As long as there is still heart among the Michael Bay-like action, X-men along side the Avengers will be a page turner.

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