Steve Rogers’ “Captain America” Upcoming Replacement

Posted: July 8, 2014 by Brie Young in Comicology - Comic Books, Marvel
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Comic readers are well exposed to the many adaptations, replacements and evolution of favored superheros. Now the future of Captain America or at least Steve Rogers is changing again. Over the weekend, Marvel posted on Tumblr “Who will be Marvel comic’s new #Captain America?…” after the tragedy in Captain America #21. Beware, spoilers ensue.

The Spark Notes version of what happened  in Captain America #21 to Rogers includes the super battle with Iron Nail and the Super-Solider serum being sucked from the Captain’s body. Thus, Rogers is powerless, weak and gets almost Benjamin Button’d in reverse and rapidly ages.

Writer Rick Remender confirmed “Steve Rogers will no longer be in the field as Captain America”. The new Captain America will premiere in the fall presumably with Rogers as a mentor-type and The Falcon (Sam Wilson) taking the lead as the new Captain. Previously, in the “Civil War” arc, Bucky Barnes took over as the new Captain America.

It may be a little weird if Steve Rogers is the old man version of his past epic self. As a mentor he “lacks the physical form,” Remender suggests. The first issue Steve will struggle with his new role and characters from the past will resurface. By the way, interesting tactic Marvel to announce essentially Steve’s retirement on the 4th weekend. Oh so patriotic.

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