Batgirl’s Kickass Redesign

Posted: July 15, 2014 by Brie Young in DC Comics
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Na na na na na na na, Bat-fans! Dc’s freshest talent, Cameron Stewart and Brandon Flecter are delivering a redesigned Batgirl that is refreshing, stylish and utterly kick-ass.

Fan-favorite illustrator Babs Tarr will make her mainstream comic debut and I thoroughly love it. In the past, Batgirl is all about the curves, tight spandex, high heels and sultry eyes. Interesting since this is Batgirl not Batwoman.

And hold the phone, she’s wearing a leather jacket rather than the spandex. The cape unsnaps from the shoulders (somewhere Edna Mode from the Incredibles is pleased), matte black stripped pants and some kickass yellow boots which resemble Doc Martens. The outfit is sensible, stylish and wholly cosplayable. She is sexy without an objectifying gaze and approachable with no doubt of her ability to knock you out.

With this new direction, DC’s Batgirl comic is also ditching the grim murder fest backdrop of Gotham City but will follow the “trendy hip part of Gotham city to focus on going to grad school” as seen in the picture above. Of course this means no less mystery and villains but Batgirl will get to experience both worlds. There is a definite Hit-Girl vibe with issue #35 (also Kick-ass 2 Hit-girl scenes in high school are coming to mind) and fans are digging it.

Of course Batgirl will be dealing with her own conflicts and enemies but Batgirl’s phoenix rise from her tragic past is regurgitated time after time. To tell you one thing, I doubt I am the only fan out there who wants to cosplay the bat out of this.

With a lighter tone of adventure and fun, co-writer Fletcher insists Batgirl “mixes the best elements of ‘Veronica Mars’ and ‘Girls’ with a dash of ‘Sherlock’ thrown in for good measure,” a comic cocktail that the world is ready to receive. Let the rest of the Bat-family deal with some of the darkness for now.




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