The Woman Behind the Redesigned Batgirl: Babs Tarr

Posted: October 8, 2014 by Ian Gaudreau in Art, Comicology - Comic Books, DC Comics
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DC's Batgirl Redesign

DC’s Batgirl Redesign

Back in July, the internet exploded about DC’s new Batgirl redesign. With a hip, stylish, and cool costume, we are seeing Barbara Gordon like we have never seen her before. Babs Tarr, the artist behind the revamped comic, originally made much of her fame through her Tumblr. At Boston Comic Con 2014, Tarr was flooded with fans showing their appreciation for the new take on a character they love. It was great seeing so much positive energy surrounding the new Batgirl. We had the chance to ask Tarr a few questions about her thoughts on this experience:

1. What was your inspiration for doing a redesign? Was there a certain goal in mind?
Cameron [Batgirl writer] and I collaberated on the design! He had the base design (boots, snaps) and I add a little extra
fashion details to the costume and the belt! There is actually a great post about it here.

2. What is your artistic background? What type of art do you enjoy drawing?
I went to school for illustration at the Maryland Institute and college of art! I have been wicked good at since ever since I was a little girl. I like drawing fashionable tough ladies :)

3. What specific feature of the new costume did you like the best? Were there any features that didn’t make the final cut?
The leather jacket and the boots are probably a tie for me! :) I think I gave Batgirl like a ton of ear piercings because I got excited that her ears were exposed. We might slowly add them in the comic though.

4. Will we see any new redesigned Batgirl weapons in the upcoming issues?

Hmmm maaaaaybe  :)

5. How has the fan reaction been?
INSANELY positive <3 I could not feel more lucky.

6. Who was your favorite female heroine growing up? Currently?
SAILOR MOON and then currently SAILOR MOON/BATGIRL. haha

7. What is it like to be on a big Bat book for DC? Can you tell us how you got picked for the job?
It’s been amazing so hard. Everyone is so smart and hardworking and talented. I am honored and extremely humbled to be on this team.
Cameron emailed me first, asking if I would be interested in doing a comic with DC and of course I said yes! The time went on and they summited a list of names to be the artist. When it was down to me they asked me to do a couple test pages. I did and them and the next day I got the gig!!! <3

Thanks a lot, Babs! The Batgirl redesign premieres in Batgirl #35 on October 8, 2014…Today!!

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