Batman’s 75th anniversary celebration

Posted: July 23, 2014 by Brie Young in Comicology - Comic Books, DC Comics
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“Dark Knight. Caped Crusader. World’s Greatest Detective… poster boy for what a bad childhood can do to you,” call him what you may but after seventy five years Batman’s legacy expanded world-wide and today is the day to celebrate the caped crusader.

Bruce Wayne is looking pretty great for his 75th, no bad knees or graying hair seen here, but rather Bat fans nationwide gather to celebrate the winged hero decades after his debut.

The celebration of Batman’s 75th anniversary includes the largest digital sale from DC Comics— ever. Lucky for all those with Bruce Wayne fans out there on a budget. Fans can buy 750 Batman titles for 99 cents (somewhere Macklemore is pleased). Batman Day also marks DC Entertainment (DCE) launching a 24-hour eBook sale where 10 Batman graphic novels are going for only $2.99 each.

To further the celebration, DC finally gives Batman co-creator Bill Finger long overdue cover credit. Essentially a ghost-writer during the series, finally Finger’s name is on the cover of the 75th edition of Detective Comics #27, which is being given out free today at comic shops (aka go get yourselves a copy!) The cover is a reimagining of Batman’s 1939 comic book debut:

Detective Comics #27 Courtesy of DC Comics

Detective Comics #27 Courtesy of DC Comics

As many comic fans know, Bill Finger helped Bob Kane create the original concept of Batman…a red-suited superhero with a domino mask. Finger added every other famous aspect of the character like his current costume, his setting, origin, lack of superpowers, even the Batmobile, the Joker and more.

Take a moment to realize the craziness that this is the first time Finger has ever received Batman cover credit, but hey, it only took seventy five years. Furthermore, legally Finger can’t be credited as co-creating the brooding hero that Gotham deserves thanks to Bob Kane’s contract with DC, naming Kane the sole creator in perpetuity. DC caved into Kane’s massive contract, essentially screwing Finger out of any profit, in order to avoid a lawsuit.

Kane claimed his first contract with DC was drawn up when he was a minor, thus DC can only credit Finger now because he was the comic’s writer for Detective Comics #27. Corrupt, unfair lawsuits, greedy men and unsung heroes– the history of Finger and Kane fits right into the world of Gotham.

So, fellow Dark Knight fans pull on those capes and cosplay down to your local retailers for the special edition of Detective Comics #27, and an assortment of other collectibles including bookmarks with essential graphic novels and a 75th anniversary cape.

To read more about the awesomeness that is Batman’s anniversary, check out and reflect on the sheer greatness of our favorite dark caped crusader.

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