An Indie-Puzzler Review: Strata

Posted: July 24, 2014 by Ian Gaudreau in Gamenomics - Video Games, Steam, PC, & Indie Games
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If there was ever puzzler that leaves perfectionists wanting more, it is Strata:

If you are a little confused by the gameplay in the YouTube trailer above, fear not. The concept of Strata is a relatively simple one. By systematically layering colored stripes, you create the beautiful earth tone designs as seen in the video. By placing the bars in a certain order, you create the bold colored boxes underneath the bars. For example, if you have a Red box underneath your puzzle, your top bar must be Red. But, you only can stack two bars. By alternating the colors and patterns, coupled with bigger puzzles as you advance, Strata is incredibly entertaining. And for players that want the extra challenge, you can attempt to achieve the ‘crown’ on each puzzle, which is awarded if a player successfully completes the puzzle without hitting ‘undo’.

Developed by Graveck, Strata was created with three strict philosophies: simplicity, elegance, challenge.  It was designed to be clutter-free and focused.  Strata has been nominated for multiple prestigious awards (press release).  “It’s been unreal to see the positive reaction from our users and critics given that it was so far outside of our comfort zone!” says Matt Gravelle, a member of the Graveck team.

What we enjoyed most about Strata was the feeling we got while playing. The game has a wonderful music, which allows a player to easily zone out enjoy their puzzle. Although the graphics are simple, they are crisp, smooth, and appealing. Strata may not be the most intense game you have ever played, but for a fun puzzler, it is definitely a winner. Strata is the perfect game for expert players who want a different type of challenge or casual players who are looking to play a game during their break at work.

Strata is available for $3.99 on Windows & Mac and is also available on Steam.





  1. Really need to play a new puzzler. Cheers for pointing this game out! We are actually in the process of developing our own Indie Game!

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