Rapid City: Below Zero Review

Posted: August 7, 2014 by Brie Young in Comicology - Comic Books, General, Independent Comics
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After the whirlwind of Disney’s Frozen and the constant hum of Let it Go, the story of a super lady villain with icy powers and a thirst for revenge couldn’t be any more refreshing. Finally someone is going to use these epic powers to make more than an ice castle in the middle of nowhere!

The 12 part series by Josh Dahl tells the story of Icicle, the female super villain on her quest to seek vengeance against Coil, her previous boss who murdered her lover, Piledriver, and her fellow gang of rogues.

At first glance, it seemed like a scorned lover story but rather Rapid City Below Zero provides a tale of tested loyalties, death and retribution while taking the grey area of villainy to a whole new level. Icicle and Piledriver’s final job before escaping the world of crime is cut short with betrayal. With her piercing blue eyes and short spunky hair, the protagonist (the semi-villainous protagonist that is) Icicle is one of the only survivors of this deceit along with the character, Claw Hammer. 

Icicle has a Girl with the Dragon Tattoo vibe, especially throughout her transformation from Stephanie to the icy supervillain. The reader glimpses into her tragic past and watches the lonely damaged girl find solace in unexpected places. Throughout the flashbacks, her transformation creates an empathetic bond where you don’t know if you want to befriend her or run in the opposite direction.

Her villainous band of misfits provides a sense of family she never had in the past and builds a solid foundation in her character development. Only in a few pages, there is already a sympathetic link to Icicle and an overwhelming desire for her to find her Coil and kick his ass.

Her icy demeanor and ferocity no doubt ensures an enthralling continuation to the Rapid City collection. Artist Shawn Langley designed characters and drawing boards, while Kyle Kaminski (Big Blue Comics) lettered and produced. The color art on the front and back covers are provided by Micah Faulkner, educator and tattoo artist.

Icicle’s story will be published as individual 22 page issues and then later in larger format collected editions, available online, at conventions and in local comic stops– in both paper and digital editions.

Readers can follow @RapidCityComic on Twitter for updates or visit www.rapidcitycomic.com.

BZ1 cover snip 2


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