Ming Doyle’s Upcoming Project: The Kitchen

Posted: August 26, 2014 by Ian Gaudreau in Art, Comicology - Comic Books, DC Comics
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The Kitchen Image Courtesy of Vertigo Comics

The Kitchen Image Courtesy of Vertigo Comics

Game&Comic had the opportunity to speak with comic artist, Ming Doyle, at Boston Comic Con 2014. Well known for her work on Image’s Mara, fans were wanting to know what is next for the upcoming artist. If you have not had the chance to read Mara, we highly suggest picking it up. Doyle has a really hip, clean, and colorful art style that is a real pleasure to read. Doyle actually has a new series on the way, and it’s taking us straight to The Kitchen:

Hi Ming! Can you tell us the specs on your upcoming series, The Kitchen?

Hi! Sure, my next series is The Kitchen and it is an 8-issue mini-series published under Vertigo. I’m really excited to be working with Vertigo, they have made some awesome comics in the past.

Can you give us a brief synopsis?

So, it kind of has a 1970s Hell’s Kitchen kind of theme. The story is centered around a group of wives that were married to Irish mobsters. When the husbands get put away, the wives take over their racket and take charge. Needless to say, it is pretty self-evident that mayhem will ensue.

Who are you working with?

Well, I am working with a new writer named Ollie Masters. He is English and hasn’t published anything in the comic world before, but I am happy to be working on The Kitchen with him. We pitched the idea for the story to Bill Dennis over at Vertigo, he liked the idea, and it has evolved from there.

What did you look to for inspiration?

Mostly looking at Dog Day Afternoon and other work from the 1970s. I’m trying to get a fly by the seat of your pants texture with a retro-inspired style.

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