After the slew of celebrity ASL Ice Bucket Challenge videos this week, Guardians of the Galaxy actor Vin Diesel took the “Ice Bucket Challenge” attention to redirect to another vital cause. The actor called for fans to “plant a tree for Groot”.

As Guardians of the Galaxy fans know, Groot is an extraterrestial arber of the Flora Colossi variation. Thus he is a creature of immense strength but limited speech due to stiffness of the larynex. Nonetheless his presenece on screen does not lack character despite his only line “I am Groot.”

Thus, on YouTube when Diesel called out Guardians director James Gunn to plant a tree in the name of Diesel’s character, it was not surprising when Twitter and Facebook followers of the Guardian’s actor began to follow in suit. Later Diesel posted a photo of himself planting a tree as he promised.

Now before you go and dump an icy bucket over your head, perhaps consider multi-tasking and planting a tree in the name of Groot too. Maybe play a little Jackson 5 to keep the tree growing happy and healthy! Let the challenges begin.

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