Korra: Balance Premieres Today!!

Posted: October 3, 2014 by Brie Young in Movies & Television
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The Legend of Korra: Balance trailer is released, and the final Avatar season provides another chapter to Avatar Korra’s journey of self discovery and survival.

To avoid too many spoilers, let’s just say that at the end of Season Three, Korra wasn’t in the best physical or mental state after one of the most challenging battles of her life. It appears that Season Four begins with Korra lacking the promised balance. Even three years later, Korra appears to be in a struggle with new challenges, both personal and imminent threats. Poor girl, never gets much time for rest.The premiere episode, “After All These Years” catches fans up with the evolving world of the Avatar, including Asami, Mako, Bolin and more familiar faces.

So far the newly released trailer indicates that the final season of the Avatar series (*cries softly*) will be epic. Within the first minutes of the trailer, Korra’s already pulled a Mulan-like hair cut– use a sword ladies, creates lovely layers for your hair– and the Airbender kids are grown and soaring through the air like aerodynamic ninjas.

There is no sign yet of if there will be one specific villain in this season or many like Season Three, but fans can take an educated guess that the radical anarchist group, Red Lotus, will be included somehow. Personally, I will miss the last season craziness of Ming-Hua with cool water arms– despite her psychopathic tendencies, she was amazing! Producers did leak there is an aggressive military force led by Kuvira in this season, where once again the Earth Kingdom is in danger.

Furthermore, this season is said to reveal more about Sokka’s back story and the potential for more of his relatives. Perhaps the man in the trailer wielding the twin blades will have something to do with that. Also the suspense builds at the end of the trailer, where a shocked and bruised (notice the black eye) Korra apparently finds Toph, the blind Earth Bender who invented mental bending. How could Toph be alive? Is she part of the spirit world or preserved her life for this long? So many questions!

It is going to be a tough transition for Avatar fans to say goodbye to the world of benders but Season Four promises one more fantastic adventure before the end. Mark your calenders because The Legend of Korra: Balance airs October 3rd on the Nick’s website.

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