GameLoading: Rise of the Indies

Posted: October 6, 2014 by Ian Gaudreau in Gamenomics - Video Games, Movies & Television
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If you want to purchase a new indie game, it’s pretty easy. You go to Steam or another digital downloading service, buy your game, install, and let the fun begin. However, who made the game? How long did it take? What inspired the developers to create it? GameLoading: Rise of the Indies will be demystifying all of the different variables associated with making an independent game: following different studios and individuals, showcasing the games at industry events such as PAX and GDC, exploring the art style used, and much more:

In the spirit of highlighting the people behind the product, we first have to mention GameLoading‘s StudioBento, an independent Australian film studio based out of Melbourne, Australia. StudioBento is run by Lester Francois and Anna Brady, who bring years of film, television, and video game culture background to the table. Lester and Anna met at a film festival, where they both submitted film noire shorts, but together they had a desire to highlight an alternative scene. Lester discovered the creative community of indie game developers while working for a video game review show for Australian TV, but the show’s producers saw no value in highlighting the indie game subculture. Lester soon quit the show to investigate the people behind independent game development. Collaboration and filming began in 2012, and with Lester and Anna identifying as “indies”, themselves, they felt a real connection with their subjects. Indie game development is an expression of one’s own voice and artistic goals, which is reminiscent in many styles found in art or music.

GameLoading is focused on creativity, community and diversity – we hope our audience will come away inspired to make their own games” says the film’s producers.

GameLoading is essentially a glimpse at a handful of high-profile and up-and-coming indie developers and industry figures, some of which include Jens Bergensten (Minecraft), Davey Wreden (The Stanley Parable), Lucas Pope (Papers, Please), Trent Kusters (Armello), and many more. The film takes us on a journey of developers big and small, showing what drove them to spend countless hours coding and tweaking their games. Indie games are praised for the uniqueness and storytelling. By following the developers, viewers will be able to see the story behind the story. If anything, GameLoading will surely give players a greater appreciation for the work that was put in to create some of their favorite games.

In Summer 2013, StudioBento ran a successfully funded Kickstarter campaign. Right now, you can contribute to their current Kickstarter here, which is acting as a final push for funding to make a high quality gaming documentary. If you’re interested in learning more, you can watch a 17-minute preview trailer here. GameLoading: Rise of the Indies will be released March 2015 on Blu-Ray, DVD, leading digital platforms, and select theaters.


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