Streamer Takes Hundreds to Destiny’s Lighthouse

Posted: January 22, 2016 by Ian Gaudreau in Gamenomics - Video Games, Microsoft/Xbox, Sony/PlayStation
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If you are a Destiny junkie, you likely spend your weekends with friends trying to get to the illustrious Lighthouse. You have probably tried cycling through many friends, weapon layouts, looking for group (LFG) websites…but why not try Zoidberg?

Destiny’s second major expansion, House of Wolves, launched in May 2015. With it, came one of Destiny’s most compelling multiplayer modes: The Trials of Osiris, more commonly referred to as “Trials”. Trials has brought competitive multiplayer gameplay to a new level, where teams of three face off all weekend long on the same map. The objective is to win not just one match, but nine matches in a row without receiving a single loss. Completing a “flawless” Trials run grants players access to the Lighthouse, where an exclusive emblem, special weapon, and loads of glory await those who are worthy of the rewards.

Each Friday-Monday, Isaac, better known on Twitch as ZoidbergOutofWater or his PSN ChetterBance spends his entire weekend trying to help people reach their dream of making it to the Lighthouse. He has a group of friends that join him in helping people go flawless, acting as the third player on the team. By following and watching his Twitch Channel, you earn fictitious points, aptly named “Zoidbucks”. Viewers can then use those Zoidbucks to enter raffles for a chance to play with ChetterBance & friends to try their hand at a Lighthouse run. Not everyone who wins the raffle is a guaranteed victory, but ChetterBance & friends will try their hardest to get you there. Since starting, ChetterBance has helped roughly 200+ people get to the Lighthouse.

After spending some time in this stream, this is by far one of the most positive and fun Twitch Streams out there. The word “carry” is completely banned from the channel, as ChetterBance insists this is a helping stream. ChetterBance asks nothing more than for you to come hang out in his stream, join in the chat, and try your luck at the raffle. And really, this guy spends all weekend trying to help people get to the Lighthouse. Even his friends who help out as the third player are great. If you are looking for a positive atmosphere, great community, and some fun players, this is the place to be. As ChetterBance jokingly said one night, his channel provides: (1) a good team, (2) help/teaching, and (3) a good time.

You can find a link to the stream here: ZoidbergOutOfWater.

You can find a link to Chetterbance’s Twitter here: ZoidbergOut.

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  1. Andre Esters says:

    Gotta love when gamers are genuinely down to just game… no fussing over stats and elite ego’s, just rally and enjoy. I look forward to checking out this streamer.

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