‘SteamWorld Heist’ Brings Strategy, Skill, and Hats

Posted: April 28, 2016 by Ian Gaudreau in Gamenomics - Video Games, Steam, PC, & Indie Games
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You may be familiar with the SteamWorld series from 2013’s popular Steamworld Dig. At PAX East 2016, the newest installment to the series, SteamWorld Heist, was unveiled in full force:

SteamWorld Heist is the latest game by Image & Form Games, a Swedish independent gaming company. The game features an interesting turn-based strategy game that pits players against other steampunk-themed robots. Players control one or more robots, while taking turns positioning, aiming, and shooting to advance throughout the level. There are three distinct worlds that players can traverse through, each offering unique styles and strategy. “SteamWorld Heist is a game that focuses on skill rather than chance”, says Community Manager Julius Guldbog. It was clear in the demo that it takes forward thinking to shoot and position in a way that keeps your characters protected, while still being on the offensive.

One of the more comical aspects of the game is its emphasis on hats. There are hundreds of humorous hats that can be equipped by any character. And if you aim to high while trying to shoot a robot, you can shoot the hat right off their head. There are even community outreach initiatives to design some of the hats.

SteamWorld Heist has already received several Game of the Year nominations and has been well-received by other popular reviewers. If you are debating which system to buy SteamWorld Heist for, it is really a tossup. As a 3DS or other handheld game, it brings a fun and enjoyable game to the old handheld console sitting on your shelf. But, the crisper graphics on the main console make SteamWorld Heist a true joy on a larger console.

With the success of its predecessor, SteamWorld Dig, the development team is making sure the game is widely available. SteamWorld Heist is already available on the Nintendo 3DS eshop, and will be coming to Steam, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Wii U, PS Vita, and iOS in 2016. Although there is no definitive date, the development team hopes to reach at least one HD platform within the next couple months. SteamWorld Heist retails at $19.99.

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