Spearhead Games Omensight hits PAX East

Posted: April 17, 2018 by Ian Gaudreau in Gamenomics - Video Games, Steam, PC, & Indie Games
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In the center of the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center, we found Spearhead Games featuring Omensight.

The world is in crisis, but why? In Omensight, you play as the Harbringer, a warrior who is not affected by time. Each day, the land of Urralia ends, but the Harbringer has the chance to rewrite history.

Omensight allows player to live through the experiences of a variety of companions who may lend insight as to what is happening in Urralia. The Harbringer has the ability to retain the knowledge that the companions can give, so each time you play through a narrative, you earn a piece (or pieces of insight) that help solve the mystery. As the game says, will you fight with them or against them? Players are frequently presented with options that greatly affect the game’s direction.

In the demo we played at PAX East, we traversed through a level with one character, but towards the end of the level, we were given the option to either team up and attack another character, or use your Omensight knowledge to betray the character you were playing with. We ended up playing through the demo twice so we could see how both scenarios played out and we were impressed by the drastically different paths that players can take. There were plot points that were achieved through both playthroughs, but the endpoints were achieved through different means.

Omensight is a charming action murder mystery game. It has elements of a platformer and reminded us of a more polished and relevant product that was reminiscent of some classic Nintendo 64 games. The controls were tight, the fighting mechanics were a lot of fun, and the special abilities that the Harbringer can really spice up some big battles. The vibrant artwork in Omensight is really something to admire- players feel like they are instantly transported to the world of Urralia with bright colors and brilliant game design.

Spearhead Games was not only a hit for their fun game, but their both was a necessary stop for collectors of Pinny Arcade PAX Harbringer collectible trading pins. For completing the game demo and signing up for Spearhead Games email list, participants received their collectible pin, as well as a copy of another Spearhead Games hit, Stories: The Path of Destinies.

We were thoroughly impressed by the Omensight demo. It was only really a glumpse that scratched the surface of the intricacies of the murder mystery clues that players will discover. It appears that different players could start the game at the same time, but traverse through

For those that think Omensight may be up their alley, we highly recommend checking out the game’s Steam page and Twitter account, @OmensightGame. In addition, Spearhead Games has a community Discord Channel for Omenight, where you chat with developers and other fans of the game.

Did you try Omensight? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!



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