Gen.G Takes the 2019 PUBG Global Championship Title

Posted: November 25, 2019 by Ian Gaudreau in Gamenomics - Video Games, Steam, PC, & Indie Games
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Photo Credit: Gen.G Esports Twitter

The PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS (PUBG) 2019 Global Championship went down this past weekend, with Gen.G taking the top tier spot as overall victor:

I have been an avid PUBG ESports viewer since the games release. I even played in an open match qualifier a few years ago (it did not go well). As PUBG came on the ESports scene, its debut was met with a lot of timid play. Placement points reigned supreme, which does not create an exciting platform for fans to watch. However, the 2019 Global Championship really encapsulated how far PUBG ESports has come. Movement tracking, active leader boards, better live action footage, and phenomenal game casting were all major improvements to the PUBG ESports scene.

The point system in this tournament was a combination of both kill points and placement points. This resulted in high-intensity early game fighting possibly carrying just as much weight as the team that brought home the chicken dinner. This balance can create really exciting match ups, and for almost the entire Grand Finals of the tournament, there was no clear winner. A couple great games could really catapult a team ahead, but South Korean Gen.G showed an impressive performance took home the #1 spot.

As posted on the @PUBGEsports Twitter Account, here is the breakdown of the top teams from the tournament:

Gen.G: $2.3 Million USD

Four Angry Men (4AM): $1.4 Million USD

FaZe Clan: $749K USD

Not a bad payday!



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