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Transformers fans, your dream has finally come true: you can now play as the Dinobots on Fall of Cybertron multiplayer! Well, most of them, anyways. The Dinobot Destructor Pack which includes characters Slug, Grimlock, Snarl, and Swoop, allows player to customize their multiplayer characters using parts from the popular characters. While Sludge, the fifth member of the Dinobot team, is not included, High Moon Studios is “taking note of his surprisingly huge fan base.”

This is the second multiplayer DLC that has been released for Fall of Cybertron this month. The first, called the Multiplayer Havoc Pack, included Wheeljack (my personal favorite), Ultra Magnus, Blastoff, Perceptor and Zeta Prime. A third DLC, Massive Fury Pack, has also been announced for September 25. This pack includes Autobots Hound, G1 Optimus Prime (which was originally a pre-order bonus from Gamestop), and Insecticons Kickback, Hardshell, and Sharpshot.

Here’s the trailer for all three DLC packs: