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David Tennant joins the cast of Netflix’s A.K.A. Jessica Jones series, the 13-episode show following Marvel’s Daredevil. Give me a lady-led series, a new Netflix show to binge watch and a villainous David Tennant to marvel at any old day.


With four days left until the series 8 premiere of Doctor Who—the “Final Countdown” by Europe plays in the background—fans are gearing up with constant reruns to calm the anticipation of the “oncoming storm”. Hold onto your seat, there’s going to be dinosaurs.

*Warning: the following contains Doctor Who spoilers and many obscure Whovian references throughout. Geronimo.


Doctor Who LEGO Set in Review

Posted: March 25, 2014 by Amy Arsenault in General
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LEGO announced that they would be accepting submissions on the website Cuusoo for a potential Doctor Who set. Several projects are gaining support, but Cuusoo stated that the first one to reach 10,000 supporters takes priority.


We recently had the opportunity to interview the team behind Comic Who (, a Doctor Who-based webcomic!  Marco Castiello (writer) and Elisa Moriconi (artist) are the duo behind the chibi-style comic strips. Comic Who has quickly become one of our favorite webcomics, mostly due to the general charm and clever Doctor Who humor that Whovians know and love.  Castiello and Moriconi have recently launched a redesigned website, so be sure to take a look!  This creative duo has created a truly lovely webcomic, and it was an absolute pleasure having the opportunity to interview them.