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For those that may not know, I am a huge Final Fantasy buff.  I am willing to say that Final Fantasy VII is without a doubt my all-time favorite game.  In my opinion, FF games are the perfect emulation of what an role-playing game (RPG) should be.  Imagination, adventure, customization, and an invested story are just some of the things I look forward to with each installment of the series.  Unfortunately, words can not describe the utter frustration I feel towards the series and this is a perfect example why:


To put it bluntly, this is literally my favorite video game of all time.  Although I have been begging for a remake for PS3 with up-to-date graphics, I am pumped that the game is now available for PC, so more gamers can enjoy an older classic game.  I have been planning to do an additional blog that delves into my opinion of the Final Fantasy VII saga, but I wanted to get this message out as soon as possible.  If you want to play an incredible game, I highly recommend picking this game up at the Square Enix Store as soon as you can.  Final Fantasy VII is the epitome of a fantastic RPG. It has awesome characters, a storyline that is easy to follow (which is rare in most Final Fantasy games lately) and a great battle system that will surely keep you entertained.

Since Square Enix has just released the remake for PC, they are doing a promotion that makes the price only $9.99!  At that price, you can’t beat the gameplay that you will get.

If you end up buying it, let us know and leave a comment!  We would also love to hear from long-time FF7 fans!