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Microsoft revealed its very first tablet device yesterday during it’s press event in Los Angeles, called Surface, and man does it look pretty. At first glance it looks like any other tablet: very flat with a large screen. In terms of aesthetics, however, what sets this tablet apart from all the iPads and Kindle Fires is its integrated kickstand. In the video above it seems that the kickstand simply snaps into place when needed, and folds back against the tablet just as easily. While this isn’t a major innovation, it certainly is a cool feature. There is also the 3 mm thick Touch Cover, which is showcased in the video. Rather than buying an overly priced cover and a keyboard for your tablet separately, Microsoft has kindly made them into one accessary. Available in an array of colors, the Touch Cover is more than just a keyboard attachment. Rather than using buttons, it uses a pressure sensitive system that allows the user to type much faster than using a standard touch screen.