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Nearly twelve years after the show went off the air, guess who’s back flying through space and the futuristic western universe this Spring? Only the best of the best characters in the unending science fiction TV series “Firefly”. QMx continues the Firefly saga in a new role-playing game and I swear by Mal’s pretty floral bonnet, it’s going to be great.


At this year’s San Diego Comic Con, Firefly fans held their breath as Firefly was brought into conversation. After its unfortunate cancellation after only one season due to airing and viewership issues, Firefly has become a cult classic among sci-fi fans. Firefly has returned in the form of an ongoing comic book series, but Browncoats (fans of the series) still want more. In 2015, fans will be able to enter the world of Firefly Online, an online Firefly video game. It was announced today that Firefly Online will feature voice contributions from the entire original cast!

“If I were a captain…” starts the first-ever gameplay trailer of the game. The highly anticipated role-playing game will bring all the excitement of outer space adventures to your very own computer on Microsoft Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. Players will be able to acquire a ship, hire a crew, and lead missions of their very own. Firefly Online is being developed by Quantum Mechanix in partnership with Spark Plug Games.

Dark Horse Comics' #WheresSerenity Teaser released in August

Dark Horse Comics’ #WheresSerenity teaser released in August

In just 14 short episodes, Joss Whedon was able to create an instant cult classic that has left fans begging for more Firefly since its premature cancellation back in 2003.  Fortunately, fans will be able to follow the old gang in the form of a comic book series published by Dark Horse Comics entitled Serenity: Leaves On the Wind, which will release 29 January 2014.