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Photo Credit: Gen.G Esports Twitter

The PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS (PUBG) 2019 Global Championship went down this past weekend, with Gen.G taking the top tier spot as overall victor:



This is your last week to download your Shiny Tapu Koko on Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon on your Nintendo 3DS:



We have something a little different for you today – a holy grail of collectibles for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles fans. The Mirage Studios A.C. Farley Leonardo Bust:



Locke & Key, IDW Publishing

Locke & Key is a wonderful story by Joe Hill (writer) and Gabriel Rodriguez (artist) that tantalized the hearts, minds, and imaginations of countless comic readers. But is the series staying as a comic? Locke & Key has gone through a number of big announcements, and in our latest article, we explain its [long and changing] journey:


Super Meat Boy Forever hit the East Coast at PAX East 2018. Keep reading our latest article to learn about the new changes and challenges this iconic platformer sequel brings to players:


In the center of the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center, we found Spearhead Games featuring Omensight.


Pokemon Event: Magearna!

Posted: January 25, 2018 by Ian Gaudreau in Gamenomics - Video Games, Nintendo
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Magearna is the lastest Event Pokémon  available for the Nintnedo 3DS. This Generation VII legendary Steel/Fairy will fill a great niche in any Pokémon roster.