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Thbest of 2012

Now that we are officially in 2013, and to keep up with our ‘Best of 2012’ blogs, I wanted to take a look back at the video games and comic books that made 2012 so awesome. ¬†In 2012, we saw some great video games, as well as some really big comic book events. ¬†The Wii U was released, DC’s New 52 is now in full force, and Marvel NOW! has continued to throw out some really big titles. ¬†Here is my breakdown of the ‘Best of 2012’:



I posted a bit about this game when it was discussed at the E3 conference over the summer, but I am genuinely excited about PlaysStation All-Stars Battle Royale.  With its upcoming release November 20th release date, I have been researching for the full list of playable characters.  Here is the full list: