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bestAs another year has come to an end,  it is time to look back at some of the highlights that made 2013 so grand.  In this overview, we will go over our top picks for video games, comic books, and anime!  Here are just some of the highlights that made 2013 such a great year:



Thbest of 2012

Now that we are officially in 2013, and to keep up with our ‘Best of 2012’ blogs, I wanted to take a look back at the video games and comic books that made 2012 so awesome.  In 2012, we saw some great video games, as well as some really big comic book events.  The Wii U was released, DC’s New 52 is now in full force, and Marvel NOW! has continued to throw out some really big titles.  Here is my breakdown of the ‘Best of 2012’: