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Thbest of 2012

Now that we are officially in 2013, and to keep up with our ‘Best of 2012’ blogs, I wanted to take a look back at the video games and comic books that made 2012 so awesome.  In 2012, we saw some great video games, as well as some really big comic book events.  The Wii U was released, DC’s New 52 is now in full force, and Marvel NOW! has continued to throw out some really big titles.  Here is my breakdown of the ‘Best of 2012’:


Aquaman #13 cover by Ivan Reis.  Hawkeye # 2 cover by David Aja.

Aquaman #13 cover by Ivan Reis. Hawkeye # 2 cover by David Aja.

For over 70 years, Aquaman had been lauded by DC Comics as one of their most singularly important character properties alongside icons like Superman and Batman.  Yet for all of DC’s posturing fans had never seemed to frame Aquaman as anything more than a silly, overrated merman who talks to fish.  Marvel’s Hawkeye, with his gaudy purple uniform and yawn-worthy bow-and-arrow gimmick, had suffered a similar stigma throughout the years.  However, 2012’s biggest industry initiatives—DC’s New 52, Marvel NOW, and Marvel’s ‘The Avengers’ movie series—have finally turned Aquaman and Hawkeye into exciting, profitable franchises. (more…)

‘Hawkeye’ #7 cover by David Aja

In January, Marvel will release a special issue of their best-selling book ‘Hawkeye’ as a tribute to the many inspiring acts of real-world heroism on display since Super Storm Sandy ravaged much of the East Coast.  Matt Fraction, the writer of the ongoing series, promises to donate all of his royalties from the issue to the hurricane relief efforts by the American Red Cross.  This is just the latest example of a charitable cause championed by the comics industry in recent years.