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Flappy Bird

Flappy Bird, one of the most most popular games for iOS and Android devices, was recently removed from the App Store for being ‘too addicting’.  Surprisingly, the decision to take down the app was not by a concerned parent group or some psychology study, but by the game’s own creator, Dong Nguyen.



The second you look at Marvel Heroes you may notice a stark similarity to Blizzard’s legendary RPG series Diablo. The camera gives the player an arial view of the map, there are hordes of enemies to defeat, and loot is randomly dropped by fallen baddies. Diablo has a clear influence on Gazillion Entertainment’s new MMORPG, but based on the 40 minutes I had with the game it’s clear that the team has a much different vision in mind.


Supergiant Games, the developer of the smash-hit title Bastion, announced its new sci-fi action/RPG Transistor.

We don’t know too much about Transistor, but based off the trailer it looks like it play similarly to Bastion. Transistor will be shown at PAX East, so hopefully I’ll be able to check it out. In the mean time watch the trailer below, and get excited.

Billy uses ridiculous (get it?) methods to catch and shoot fish.

I’d like to introduce you to Billy. I don’t really know how old he is or where he’s from, but I do know that he likes fishing. However he doesn’t fish like everybody else. He doesn’t use fancy lures and live bait to reel in those pesky water-breathers. Instead Billy uses top-of-the-line fishing equipment complete with chainsaws, hairdyers, and toasters. Once he casts his line he tries to guide his lure to deepest depths of the ocean and catch as many fish as possible on the way up. He then throws them in the air and shoots them for money. Billy also enjoys posting on the social media tool Byrdr and updating his Fish-o-pedia log.


I really don’t have that much time to play console games during the school year. Even with games like Borderlands 2, Assassin’s Creed 3, and Halo 4 out on store shelves, I just can’t find the time to really sit down and play a solid hour or two of my favorite video games. That’s where my iPhone come in. Aside from satisfying my addiction to Twitter and Instagram, I use my phone to get a quick gaming fix through out the day. There are thousands (maybe even millions!) of games on the app store, so trying to find some good ones can be challenging.

If you’re like me, and can’t find something worth playing, you’re in luck! These are my top five favorite iOS games that are definitely worth checking out.



To put it bluntly, this is literally my favorite video game of all time.  Although I have been begging for a remake for PS3 with up-to-date graphics, I am pumped that the game is now available for PC, so more gamers can enjoy an older classic game.  I have been planning to do an additional blog that delves into my opinion of the Final Fantasy VII saga, but I wanted to get this message out as soon as possible.  If you want to play an incredible game, I highly recommend picking this game up at the Square Enix Store as soon as you can.  Final Fantasy VII is the epitome of a fantastic RPG. It has awesome characters, a storyline that is easy to follow (which is rare in most Final Fantasy games lately) and a great battle system that will surely keep you entertained.

Since Square Enix has just released the remake for PC, they are doing a promotion that makes the price only $9.99!  At that price, you can’t beat the gameplay that you will get.

If you end up buying it, let us know and leave a comment!  We would also love to hear from long-time FF7 fans!

I think this video describes the sale in a nutshell.  For those of you that frequent Reddit Gaming, then you have seen all praise being directed towards Steam, Valve, and Gabe Newell (Valve Coporation co-founder).  In essence, Valve is putting on a huge summer video game sale, which will run from July 12th to July 22nd.