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Warner Brothers finally confirmed the rumors—the Justice League is coming to the big screen. Either in 2018 or summer 2017 (those details are still debatable), the film will be following the Man of Steel sequel in 2016. Greg Silverman, Warner Brothers Pictures president referred to the Man of Steel sequel as Superman Vs. Batman, so intentionally or not it seems we also have an official spoiler for the title.

The Justice League film will be directed by Zack Snyder, starring Ben Affleck as Batman, Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman, Ray Fisher as Cyborg, and Henry Cavill as Superman. Currently, the production for Superman Vs. Batman suggests there’ll be a possible overlap in filming to accommodate dual production schedules (Cavil is probably going to awfully tired of spandex after all that).


Every Monday on G&C I’ll be previewing the new comics I’m most looking forward to in the coming week. These are the comics that I expect will be fun, exciting, and worth your monies. If you think I’ve missed anything, leave a note in the comment section and let me know what you’re eagerly anticipating. Here’s my top three, and then a short list of other books to be aware of.

New Comics for April 16, 2014:

"Ms. Marvel" #3 from Marvel. Cover art by Jamie Mckelvie.

“Ms. Marvel” #3 from Marvel. Cover art by Jamie Mckelvie.


The highly anticipated Fox prequel series Gotham recently cast actor Cory Michael Smith to be Edward Nygma, the future Riddler. The series follows James Gordon’s ride through a “dangerously corrupt city teetering on the edge of evil” and the birth of DC comics super villains and vigilantes in Gotham city.


Another comic book legend will soon appear on the small screen with the NBC series starring the once-con-man-now-detective character, John Constantine. Matt Ryan, known by Doctor Who fans in BBC’s “Torchwood” for his works in Showtime’s “The Tudors”, was recently released as the DC Comics‘ character John Constantine in new character photo below.


Constantine (source)

Hopefully not many readers will think of that Keanu Reeves 2005 flop Constantine, but rather the cunningly snarky antihero first introduced in the 1985 series the “Swamp Thing”.  From 1988 to 2013, Constantine made his way as a lead character in “Hellblazer” and finally his own character series “Constantine,” where he fights to protect Earth against dark forces.


The Man of Steel

The Man of Steel

What if I told you that Superman was not actually a disappointing superhero based on his intentions?  During Boston Comic Con 2013, a DC Comics panel, hosted by a few big artists and writers, sparked some interesting notes about the intentions of Superman.  Scott Snyder, who currently writes a Superman comic entitled Superman Unchained made a bold statement basically saying that Superman may not be the hero Earth needed after all.


G&C's Ian Gaudreau (left) with Batman Writer, Scott Snyder (right)

G&C’s Ian Gaudreau (left) with Batman Writer, Scott Snyder (right)

Boston Comic Con 2013’s most popular guest was, without a doubt, Scott Snyder.  We had the opportunity to ask Snyder a few quick questions about his current work on Batman, currently in its ‘Zero Year’ story arc:


Thbest of 2012

Now that we are officially in 2013, and to keep up with our ‘Best of 2012’ blogs, I wanted to take a look back at the video games and comic books that made 2012 so awesome.  In 2012, we saw some great video games, as well as some really big comic book events.  The Wii U was released, DC’s New 52 is now in full force, and Marvel NOW! has continued to throw out some really big titles.  Here is my breakdown of the ‘Best of 2012’:


Aquaman #13 cover by Ivan Reis.  Hawkeye # 2 cover by David Aja.

Aquaman #13 cover by Ivan Reis. Hawkeye # 2 cover by David Aja.

For over 70 years, Aquaman had been lauded by DC Comics as one of their most singularly important character properties alongside icons like Superman and Batman.  Yet for all of DC’s posturing fans had never seemed to frame Aquaman as anything more than a silly, overrated merman who talks to fish.  Marvel’s Hawkeye, with his gaudy purple uniform and yawn-worthy bow-and-arrow gimmick, had suffered a similar stigma throughout the years.  However, 2012’s biggest industry initiatives—DC’s New 52, Marvel NOW, and Marvel’s ‘The Avengers’ movie series—have finally turned Aquaman and Hawkeye into exciting, profitable franchises. (more…)

LEGO's Avengers Poster

LEGO’s Avengers Poster

In the wake of the successful superhero movies and other pop culture phenomena, LEGO followed suite by releasing its line of superhero play sets earlier this year.  In my opinion, these sets are a fantastic move on LEGO’s part.  What a great way to bring the superhero culture to a different industry.  The mini-figures area incredibly well-done.  The likeness to the real thing is uncanny.  However, these sets have been immensely popular.  The sets feature Marvel’s Avengers, DC characters such as Batman and Superman, and even the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles have made their way into LEGO form.  The sets have been selling very well, so be sure to pick them up if you are interested!  Below, you will find images featuring some of the sets:


‘Hawkeye’ #7 cover by David Aja

In January, Marvel will release a special issue of their best-selling book ‘Hawkeye’ as a tribute to the many inspiring acts of real-world heroism on display since Super Storm Sandy ravaged much of the East Coast.  Matt Fraction, the writer of the ongoing series, promises to donate all of his royalties from the issue to the hurricane relief efforts by the American Red Cross.  This is just the latest example of a charitable cause championed by the comics industry in recent years.